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Stone Fix Kidney Cleanse

Containing bio-essential ingredients, formulated to bring your system the balance it needs.
Cleanse and balances*
Bladder Support*
System Cleanse*
90 Day money back guarantee
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Things you'll love about this formula

Discover the Stone Fix difference

Our proprietary blend of ingredients has been carefully selected to detox and balance.


Hear it best from some of our satisfied customers.
Stone Fix is a solid preventative supplement. 


Best help for kidney cleansing


Couldn't find anything like this at GNC



Some frequently asked questions. If you'd like to inquire further, feel free to send us a message.
We recommend you start with 3 caps once daily. For faster results or more demanding situations, the most optimal amount is 3 caps 2 times daily. 
We recommend that you seek the advice of your medical professional before taking if you are nursing.

We know every mom's experience is different while expecting, so we recommend to not take while pregnant
We recommend taking for at least 60 days.
Our recommended starting dose is 3 caps once daily.

For more demanding situations, to achieve faster results we recommend 3 caps twice daily.

If you've taken for at least 90 days and have seen no results, then we can conclude that our product is just not the right fit for you.    

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